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Thanks for stopping by to check out my humble Campaign Setting and Adventure Path designed to work with the Pathfinder RPG rule set.

What is The Last Quintessence?

The Last Quintessence is a personal project that is packaged in my first honest attempt at world building for a d20 gaming system. Originally it started as a “prequel” to another story that I am working on that shares similar themes and a few characters. TLQ has allowed me to explore the past of that world in a more casual format and at the same time test ideas applicable to the game itself.

What kind of world is it in?

The world is known as Renovys, an eclectic planet that acts as the stage for events that could very well determine the state, or fate, of the universe it resides in. At it’s core, the setting is one of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Magic, though it is an unknown power to the majority of civilization, is used for scientific discovery. Political agendas dictate the actions of many. And unknown monstrosities lurk in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Renoyvs is a mature world, forged for the mature story that I’m hoping The Last Quintessence adventure will provide.

What kind of races are available for play?

As I hope is evident in the Races page, all inhabitants of Renovys are, more or less, Human. Their ethnicity and culture is determined from where they were born. As such, each “race” does use the mechanics and rule sets from various races found in the Pathfinder RPG. My alterations work essentially as skins that assimilate the likes of Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and others into a much more identifiable atmosphere that is intended to support the tone of the world and campaign.

Any other cool info to know about?

Lots, but perhaps the two most interesting concepts I’m working to include in this campaign are Archetypes, which act as a sort of personality road map for newly created characters as well as the initial plot point that leads the players into the main narrative, and the Experience Reward System which is my attempt to motivate players to play the way they want as well as provide friendly competition among the players.

Things to check out:

The Last Quintessence

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