The Grove-Born mostly hail from the southern lands of Bywyd. Here they have a lush and colorful culture that could only be matched by the jungles themselves. Grove-Born also make up the bulk of sea travelers and are experts in trade and all manner of inventions, such as the hot-air balloon. Most can be instantly recognized by their characteristically long, wild hair. Women take much pride in their intricate braids, and men in their long, flowing beards. A bit leaner that the other cultures of Renovys, they seem to do just fine providing for themselves from their jungles and imported goods.

Their homes can be found on ships, in docks, tree house structures, or even floating above the treeline, suspended from giant leaf-sewn balloons. The “Bark Brothers” (or “Sisters”) are said to live closest to paradise.


The Grove-Born are inventors at heart and love molding their creations with that of their environment, of which they deftly travel through with ease. It is for this reason, as well as their petite frames that earn them the Elf template.


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