The Empire-Born are rarely seen outside the Imperium’s borders. They are almost always a head taller than True-Born humans and have particularly bright eyes that span a wide variety of colors. Their most notable feature is perhaps the longevity of their life spans, which is to say any “Child of the Emperor” will never suffer death from old age. To protect themselves from disease or sickness, a living sensor is infused to each one’s wrist shortly after birth that grows with the host. This gauntlet-like sensor fuses with the veins of the wearer and constantly tests the body for illness so that, when it rarely occurs, they can be treated when the first signs appear.

The Empire-Born, though heavily discouraged from leaving the country are allowed to do so as exiles, never to return to the Imperium. Though not before receiving magically performed surgery that removes all possibility of reproduction, or breeding with outside Humans.


Due to their beauty, long lived lives, and sense of awe that they seem to evoke from all cultures outside the Imperium, Empire-Born us the Aasimar template.


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