Black Skin, Black Heart



  • Class: 4 Magus
  • Race: Thrall Born
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 180
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Skin: Jet Black
  • Age: 28
  • Likes: Power
  • Dislikes: Other People and other races, Particularly Empire-Born
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Narrative Archetype: Secret Society Member
  • Trait:
  • Support Character Brother
  • Support Character Superior(?)
  • Support Character Nemesis


  • STR: 16 (+3)
  • DEX: 12 (+1)
  • CON: 12 (+1)
  • INT: 18 (+4)
  • WIS: 7 (-2)
  • CHA: 7 (-2)


  • Fortitude: +5 (Base +4, Con +1)
  • Reflex: +2 (Base +1, Dex +1)
  • Will: +3 (Base +4, Wis -1)


  • HP: 29
  • Speed: 30ft
  • Chain Shirt
  • AC: 17 (Flatfooted 16 , Touch 13)
  • +1 Fauchard
    • 1 Fauchard (1d105 /18-20×2)
  • CMB: +6 ( +3 BAB, +3 STR)
  • CMD: 17 (10 Base, +3 BAB, +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity)
  • Resistances: (Fire + 5 Ice + 5 Electirc + 5)

Class Features

  • Orisions
  • Spell Combat
  • Arcane Pool: 6 (1/2 Lvl + Int Mod)
  • Spell Strike
  • Magus Arcana (Arcane Accuracy)
  • Spell Recall

Racial Abilities

  • Darkness 1/day
  • Skilled
  • Fiendish Resistance *
  • Darkvision
  • Outsider, Native


  • Common
  • Whispers
  • Thrallic
  • Kaldessian

Trained or Notable Skills (2 + Int) (Base, Ability, Misc)

(Armor Check Penalty: -2)

  • Spellcraft +8 (2, +4, +3)
  • Use Magic Device +3 (1, -1, +3)
  • Knowledge (Arcana) +8 (1, +4, +3)
  • Knowledge (Engineering) +8 (1, +4, +3)
  • Knowledge (Local) +8 (1, +4, +3)
  • Climb +7 (1, +3, +3)
  • Intimidate +3 (1, -1, +3)
  • Bluff +1 (0, -1, +2)(Skilled)
  • Stealth +3 (0, +1, +2) (Skilled)
  • Favored 3: Arcane Pool Point +3/4


  • * Exotic weapon proficiency (Fauchard) * (Bonus)
  • * Armor of the Pit (+2 AC) * (Level 1)
  • * Weapon Focus (Fauchard) * (Level 3)


  • Currency: 0pp 5gp 0sp 0cp
  • Longsword (In Hip Scabbard; 5 lbs)
  • +1 Fauchard (In Hand, strapped in back holster; 5 lbs)
  • Chain Shirt (Worn; 25 lbs)
  • Spell Book (In Pack; 1 lbs)
  • BackPack (On Back; 2 lbs)
  • Bedroll (In Pack; 5 lbs)
  • Basic Outfit (In Pack; 5 lbs)
  • Torches x 2 (In Pack; 5 lbs)


Encumbrance: Current- 36; Light Load- 48, Medium Load- 81, Heavy Load- 115

Spells Known

Zero Level- (∞/Day; DC 14)

  • Light
  • Flare
  • Daze
  • Ray of Frost

Level One- (2/Day; DC 15)

  • Vanish
  • Enlarge Person
  • Burning Hands
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Shield
  • True Strike
  • Color Spray

Level Two- (X/Day; DC 16)

  • Frigid Touch
  • Mirror Image

Level Three- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Four- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Five- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Six- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Seven- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Eight- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Level Nine- (X/Day; DC X)

  • Spell I
  • Spell II
  • Spell III

Edrin Stone was born in the slums of a port town in Fernois known as (Ryans Input) on the stone steps of the cities gallows. His mother Neva, a true-born anthropologist and field researcher, had gone to (Ryans Input, an area with high Thrall activity) in eastern Fernois, to study Thrallic behavior and report of possible arcane mental capacity. Her company was attacked by a horde of highly intelligent Thrall alphas, and Neva was brutally and repeatedly raped by the Thrall elite. When she did finally make it home, she was banished for choosing to bear the spawn of a monster inside herself instead of “cutting out the cancer before it grew” as her father told her when he threw her from her families doorstep. Neva died 6 months later in childbirth underneath the swinging shoes of a beggar who was hung for manslaughter in a confrontation over a bag of onions. The beggars name was Edrin.

Raised in a religious orphanage, Edrin was the runt of the litter and the youngest of the boys in the home. He was terrorized, beaten, and hated by the boys (particularity nasty pair of twin empire born boys who were 6 years Edrin’s elder), and and feared/disgusted by the girls. Even the nuns treated him like a monster or plague and no one except for the ancient nun who brought him to the Oprhanage as a baby spoke kindly to him or taught him. He was gifted in studies and insatiable in his hunger for knowledge. when the old nun finally died, the twins chased him from the orphanage in the night without even his clothing.

He slept in the streets, ate from trash cans and sewer leavings for most of his life, living, as the town guards would call him, a blight, a plague and a rat on the fringe of “True society”. But he was hungry, immensley, infinitely, maddeningly hungry for life and the power to live underneath no mans grasp ever again. Edrin learned early that power dictates position. And for that lesson he hated the overfed folk all around him. He learned to steal, to beg, to lie, to deceive, to kill and most importantly, he learned to hide his face from the world.

As soon as he was old enough to carry a pack he worked the loading docks seasonally when there was work and fished the canals for food and hunted rats when there was not. Edrin learned of the world through books he pilfered at the markets and taught himself to speak whispers by the age of 11. At 12 he fell in with a gang of street urchins, and by the age of 14 his cunning earned him position of leader. Plotting silent ambushes on undefended small supply trains and skimming supplies from the nautical supply caravans supplied his small army of urchins with their first taste of comforts in their lives. It was on his last raid that Edrin first stumbled across a basic spell book containing a single spell; Light. And through its study, he extrapolated its counter spell and discovered his own ability: Darkness.

The practice of his magical light and darkness attracted the attention of the Kandessian guard and a Magi named Marcus was dispatched to kill or capture the source. Edrin was hunted throughout the city for 3 days until the Magi cornered the boy in a dead end alley with an illusion of a storm drain at the end. Edrin’s cunning in the fight and chase had so impressed the Magi that he offered him a spot in the Kandessian guard training program if he would submit and be a slave to the Magi, Edrin agreed under the condition that the Magi teach him 4 basic Magus spells and the Magus cantrips. Amused by the orphan boys gaul Marcus agreed and, unannounced to the Kandessian Guard, began teaching the boy the basics of Magus teachings. Two days before his training was complete, Edrin used Color Spray on Marcus while he slept, stole his vehicle, and fled East deep into Fernois. He had only learned 3 basic Magus spells.

Edrin learned to live easily, quietly. The stability he discovered in having enough was a kindness no one had ever shown him, and he was granted his first full night of peaceful sleep of his life in the woods as he trekked across Fernois highlands and woodlands. but after a year of living in silence his unsatiable thirst for more brought him to seek work as a bounty hunter/man catcher… and thats when he was discovered by Zarkheim


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