•Class: Draconic Sorceress
•Race: Empireborn (Aasimar)
•Height: 5’5
•Weight: 120 lbs
•Hair: Long and black with a gold shimmer in light
•Eyes: Gold
•Skin: White (Ivory)
•Age: 70
•Likes: Fire, bows, and shiny things
•Dislikes: Edrin
•Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
•Narrative Archetype: High Class Escort
•Trait: Draconic


•STR: 10 (0)
•DEX: 10 (
•CON: 12 (1)
•INT: 14 (
•WIS: 13 (1)
•CHA: 17 (


•Fortitude: +2
•Reflex: +1
•Will: +4


•Eschew Materials
•Spell Focus (Evocation)
•Spell Specialization (Burning Hands)


•Flint and steel
•Ring of Arcane Signet (Dragon symbol)
•Bracers of Armor
•Fish Rations x3

Spells Known

Zero Level-•Ray of Frost
•Mage Hand
•Detect Magic

Level One-
•Burning Hands
•Magic Missle
•Mage Armor

Level Three-


•Bluff: 8
•Diplomacy: 6
•Disguise: 4
•Intimidate: 7
•Knowledge (Arcana): 6
•Perception: 9
•Survival: 2
•Use Mgaic Device: 8


Azrynn is an exiled Empireborn, cast from her homeland when she was plagued with dreams of draconic nature. She was taken in by Maria, the owner of a Brothel which Azrynn inherited when Maria passed. The establishment was then used to house rebels in hiding, which was discovered on the fateful day that the floating city blocked out the sun.

With the return of her dreams and having lost her establishment, she sets out on a journey with Noyes.

Inward Thoughts

“I can feel it. A rage, a fire burning inside me. A familiar part of me that I’ve never been without, but I feel it yearning to surface. These claws- so gradually they have grown that I am unsure when they began. I thought it was over when the dreams stopped, but they have returned. The visions of a mystical fire with burning rage behind eyes of gold plague me. Those eyes, they burn deep to my core, or is that where they’re trapped, waiting to break free? What is this creature that has formed as a signet on my ring? I quiver with anticipation of what is to come. Is it fear? No, it’s a fever pitch of anticipation… and excitement.”


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