The Last Quintessence

Introductions Will Have To Wait

From the diary of Vasili Azarov

Gathered in Bordeux by the mysterious man known as Noyes- Io (a savage female of primitive origins and no balance), Edrin, Yalda and I stood in complete awe and astonishment in front of what loomed overhead. Some awesome power unbeknownst to mortals had lifted the entirety of the White City clear from its foundations and into the heavens. As this gargantuan mass approached the city square of Bordeux a shimmer of rapid movement contrasted against the colossal rock face of the hovering monolith. An instant later it became apparent that a child was helplessly in free fall towards Bordeux. Before any further thought could be given to the situation, the poor soul lie broken and shattered at the town center. A midst the remains arose a tremendous, ravenous beast of five heads. I recalled from my experiments with Dr. Albrecht having introduced genetic material of hydras to human specimens….could this be the monstrous result? I was quickly pulled from my reflection as the beast ravaged the locals unfortunate enough to have been in the square. Noise and I fired retaliatory missile attacks only to see our projectiles harmlessly absorbed by the creature. The beast would surely not go down by the sword alone. Frantically gauging my surroundings I spotted a parked car belonging to the adjacent hotel. After ingesting an extract to hasten my step, I thankfully found the vehicle unlocked with the activator primed…some poor hotel employee must have left in a hurry. Without any time to spare I harvested my complete stock of improvised explosives and rigged them secure. Pausing for a moment to wonder if this audacious plan would end me, I gazed out the windshield to see Noise unleash a devastating blast of pure energy from some sort of otherworldly device about his wrist. The hydra violently thrashed as two of its heads burst into a mist of gore. Assuming Noise was acting out of desperation, I put the car to full throttle and aimed straight for the creature. In an instant the vehicle was hurtling towards it. Having left the door ajar, I sprung out of the car tumbling onto the street. Lit bomb in hand, I slung the catalyst as fast as I could towards the vehicle inches from colliding with the beast. Instantly, a blinding flash and explosion disoriented me and a radiating pulse of energy knocked everyone in the area to the ground. The hydra unleashed a pathetic last screech as it lay obliterated by my savage assault. Beaten and battered, an unmistakable sound of marching troops echoed around the corner. Noise wasting no time in rushing us to a nearby brothel, a hideout he must have assumed was safe. We descended an elevator only to stumble upon three soldiers of the white city. So this was an invasion? They held no regard for pleasantries and immediately drew swords. Nearly dispatching Edrin and Yalda, Noise mustered his strength and cleanly shot two of them through the cranium. The last quickly fell against the odds he faced. Before my thoughts could pool, a broadcast over the radio filled the room. It was presumably the mayor of Bordeux declaring war on Candessia and calling for a hunt for the assassin of his wife, demanding she be brought to justice for starting this war. With every further sentence he spoke, I found myself looking more questioningly at this savage Isleborn amongst our group. Could she be who he was so passionately speaking of? What sort of mad man would so fervently fear this….thing….



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